Robb E. Lovell


Robb E. Lovell is a computer scientist, dancer/choreographer, and installation artist. Robb is an independent software architect working within the fields of astronomy, network applications, reactive performance systems, performative operating systems, computer imaging, and gesture recognition. He is currently at Simon Fraser University where he is continuing research into live media spaces. Robb formerly was with the Institute for Studies in the Arts (ISA) at Arizona State University for eight years where he collaborated within many artists on performance works and installations. While at the ISA he created the Intelligent Stage as an interactive performance space that allows performers to control various media of image, graphics, light, and sound through movement or speech. He has a Master of Science in Computer Science and is an accomplished systems engineer. Robb is an active dancer/choreographer and has performed with Semaphor DanceWorks Inc., Dance Arizona Repertory Theater, RSVP Dance, and as guest artist with Desert Dance Theater and a ludwig co. As an installation and visual artist his most known work is Eidea, an artificial life world that interacts with weather and people to create a visual an auditory score.

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