Robb Lovell                                                                                                              604-762-1034

        504-27 Alexander St, Vancouver BC, V6A 1B2 Canada                                                                                                         




        DIGITAL TECHOLOGY ARTIST                                                                          January 1995 to present

        504-27 Alexander, Vancouver BC V6A 1B2                                                           

                 Working in the area of mediated performance, interactive installation, and arts research as a visual artist,

                 dancer/choreographer, and computer scientist. Collaborating with many artists and technicians with diverse



        SOFTWARE ARCHITECT                                                                                   January 1995 to present

        Institute for Astronomy, Mauna Kea, HI                                                                 Andrew Pickles (808) 974-4200

        MDM Hiltner Observatory, Kitt Peak, AZ                                                              Bob Barr

                Created telescope control software for the Hiltner 2.4M telescope, McGraw-Hill 1.3M telescope, and the

                University of HawaiiÕs 2.2M Telescope.


        SOFTWARE ARCHITECT                                                                                  April 2000 to December 2000

        Arcana Networks                                                                                                    Unni Shreekumar (510) 687-0280

                Architect for user interface and infrastructure software to provisioning software. Using XML & XSL as a

                means of manipulating network devices.


        INTEGRATED MEDIA RESEARCHER                                                             January 1994 to December 1999

        Institute for Studies in the Arts, Arizona State University                                        Richard Loveless

                Worked as artist/technologist collaboratively creating many interactive performances and installations.

                Responsible for the creation of the Intelligent Stage.,


        SENIOR SYSTEMS ANALYST                                                                           June 1992 to December 1993

        Hughes/STX, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center                                                Bob Cromp

                 Created object oriented database for organization and search of satellite imagery.


        APPLICATIONS SYSTEMS ANALYST                                                             August 1989 to May 1992

        Arizona State University, Psychology Dept.                                                            Bill Uttal aowru@asu.ed

                Created method for texture segmentation of images for autonomous submersible.




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        Lovell, A Parallel Processor Navigation System for an Autonomous Vehicle, Arizona State University, Dec. 1988.


Business Experience


        SQUISHED EYEBALL SOFTWARE                                                                                          January 2000 to present


               This company is a highly experimental venture that is researching machine vision techniques and arts

        applications. Current projects include: Eyes, a MAX based vision system; and a web based auto-cataloging

        program for use with webcams.   The company is also creating and marketing "Heather" a hands-free

        controller for lighting in theatrical environments.


Technical Background


         Machines:  Macintosh, Pentium, SGI Iris, HP, HP Apollo, Sun, Amiga, Apple IIe, Connection Machine.

         Systems:     Mac OS-9/OS-X, UNIX, Linux, Irix, Microsoft Windows, Amiga DOS, Apple DOS, OS/2 Warp.

         Languages:C, C++, Max/MSP/Jitter, Java, Perl, Pascal, Basic, Prolog, Lisp, XML, FORTRAN, RPC, APT, PL/1, X-Windows.




         Ph.D. INTERACTIVE ARTS AND TECHNOLOGY, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver Canada, In Progress

         MS. COMPUTER SCIENCE, Arizona State University, Tempe Arizona,                                              Dec 1988

         BS. COMPUTER SCIENCE, Arizona State University, Tempe Arizona,                                               May 1986




         Brothers, 1988, Cliff Keuter, duet exploring relationship of two brothers.

         Dust, 1990, Cliff Keuter, duet exploring relationship of two friends.

         Music Masters Daughter, 1992, Elina Mooney, evening length work.

         a large event, 1989, 1994, Ann Ludwig, evening length work.

         Breathing Rodin, 1994, Dominika Borovansky, duet based on the amorous sculptures of Rodin

         Journey, 1995, Various choreographers, evening length work.

         Water is Wide, 1995, Dominika Borovansky, duet exploring friendship and love.

         Form Follows Function, 1997, Dominika Borovansky, sextet, abstraction of signaling.

         All the Reasons, 1997, Dominika Borovansky, duet.

         Entangled, 1998, Dominika Borovansky, Humorous with a Spanish style.

         Carmina Burana, 1998-1999, Various choreographers, evening length work.

         Descendants, 1999, Dominika Borovansky, Trio.

         Imprint Left in Sleep, premiere 1991/restaged 1999, Dominika Borovansky,

         Songs of Sanctuary, 1999-2000, Amy Ernst, 8 dancers, explores interpersonal relationships.

         Untitled, 2001-2002, Tamera, romantic duet.               

         Paul, 2003, Robb Lovell, Forum for New Arts, interactive media, explores transformation.          


Performance & Installations


  •       Immanence 2005, Interactive performance work utilizing interactive video and live improvisational 3D motion capture.

      Created in collaboration with Susan Kozel, Jamie Griffiths, and Johnny Clark. Studio Hydro Quebec, Montreal Canada

      (visuals, sound, lighting, interaction, set design)

  •       socioec(h)o, 2003-2005, Project exploring the game play in multi-user mediated environments. (sensing).

  •       iDub, 2004, Interactive performance in a club style that involves performers that interact with liquid like visuals. (visuals, interactives).

  •      Between Bodies, 2004, Interactive installation that uses wearables to allow participants to interact with visuals,
sounds through connections with other participants and body sensed data. (visuals, sound).

  •       Paul, 2003, Interactive performance that explores transformation represented by a journey thorough live space

       into mediated spaces of ascii, averaging, and particle systems. (visuals, sound, choreography).

  •       ec(h)o, 2003-2005, Project exploring the delivery of audio to people exploring a museum (sensing).

  •       Interactivity Lab, 2003, Lab supporting faculty research into interactivity and mediated environments. (design, management)

  •       Whisper, 2003-2005, Interactive installation that uses wearables to allow participants to interact with visuals, sounds

       through connections with other participants and body sensed data. (visuals, sound, interaction)

  •       Hyperopticon, 2001-2002, Interactgive performance, being created in collaboration with various artists. In process.

  •       år-Space, 2001-2002, An reactive performance space at The Center for Advanced Visualization and Interaction,

       Århus University, Århus Denmark.

  •       Trajets, 2000-2005, A collaboratively created installation conceived by Susan Kozel and Gretchen Schiller.

  Funded and supported by the Banff Centre. This work is a an installation with ten motorized screens moving

  in response to the visitors' pathways. Images projected onto the screens are of moving bodies and kinesthetic

  patterns. The intent is to generate a kinesthetic response to the movement of the images, screens and sound.

  The installation has toured in Denmark, England, France, Germany. Currently being reconstructed for a tour of

Spain. (dance, lighting, interaction, sensing).

  •       Voyages Performed, 2000, An interactive video installation that accompanies a traveling museum show of 18th century

  tour books. A book resting on a table enables the viewer to look through video displayed on the same table.

  (movement sensing, book sensors, interactive programming)

  •       Intelligent Stage, also:(at the ISA) 1994-1999, A reactive performance space at Arizona State University, Tempe (Co-Creator)

  •       Web Cafe, 1999, A collaboratively created installation where people can relax and surf the web that was

  created for a conference on dance and technology. Created means to navigate the web using full body

  movement. Created sound environment. (movement sensing, sound score, web programming).

  •       Eidea, 1995, 1996, 1997, An installation of image, light and sound where all the media is created and

  modified through the agency of an artificial life world and its interactions with viewers and the outside

  weather (lights, video, interactive programming, artificial agents, web programming)

  •       6-Cube, 1998, An interactive dance/music work that looks at a disturbing relationship with TV and the media

  culture. In the work, the dancer manipulates the music composition through movement (lights, video,


  •       Reflections, 1997, Introspective solo dance work, explores a woman Ôs relationship to her father (choreography).

  •       Time in the Eye of the Needle, 1995, A collaboratively created interactive dance work with Montanaro Danse,

  and the ISA, that explores the relationship of immigrants and their cultures to new cultures they contact.

  Interactives between dancers and music, lights, robotic lights, graphics, video, pyrotechnics (lighting,


  •       Interact, 1994, A solo dance work that creates compositions during performance (choreography, interactives).

  •       Variations on Farewell, 1994, A non-linear dance work about the relationship of a woman with her parents,

  lover, and girlfriend. A collaboration with Elina Mooney and John Mitchell. Dancers control the direction

  of the story line, telling the computers how to configure lights, sound, and video. (interactives).

  •       Anamorphic Ambassador, 1993, A disturbing look at ambassadorÕs needs to distort reality to mediate

  relationships. Interactive music and visuals (video, interactives).

  •       Mad Dog Dreams, 1992, A surrealistic look at dogs in a circus like atmosphere. A collaboration with

  choreographer Elina Mooney (video, slides).

  •       Reversing the Spell, 1991, Multi-media dance work created in collaboration at the ISA (animation, interactives).

  •       In-Reality, 1989, Interactive dance solo about getting absorbed into the media culture, dancer control s music

        (choreography, sound, video).

  •       Prufrock, 1988, A solo dance work that explores a man's struggle with growing old (choreography).