Quotes of interest:


It seems to us that the two models described in this paper are points along a continuum. At one extreme:

--> the focus is on process,

--> the player is likely to be amateur or unskilled,

--> the audience is unnecessary, and

--> if present, the audience experiences the interactive process vicariously.

At the other extreme:

--> the focus is on product,

--> the player is likely to be highly skilled,

--> the audience is a critical part of the enterprise, and

--> the audience can appreciate the results of the performance without any deep

understanding of or interest in the process of interaction or art generation.


We have presented a model for interactive art with 4 main components:

--> a human artist,

--> an artistically competent agent that realizes the artist═s intentions,

--> interaction, including input from human ˝playersţ and output from the computer system,


--> an optional audience.


This model can vary along at least one important dimension that relates to the artistic goals of the work. Is the primary objective to provide an interesting interactive experience, or is the objective to create interesting artifacts or performances? Most interactive artworks will have both objectives to some degree.