Presented is a scripting language for interactive multimedia environments.  The idea is to create a language for describing and working with multimedia.  This paper's approach is focused on the content delivery of multimedia and ways to make it easier to control and coordinate media presentations.


Three language components that manipulate media. 


            1.   Event-driven temporal language. Each event excites (causes) or inhibits (defers) sets of other events (there is also synchrony).

                        A specification model orchestrates the delivery of media objects.  Four examples are given by the authors:

                                    1.  timeline

                                    2.  hierarchic

                                    3.  synchronization point

                                    4.  event driven

                                    5.  cue list (my addition).

            2.  Data flow component.

                        Has the idea that media flows from a source to a sink, and inlets and outlets to objects in the data flow.  The media is modified and analyzed by objects the streams pass through.  There is no visual component to the data flow language, but the authors suggest that the language would be good for supporting a visual based interface.


            3.  Presentation component

                        Controls the connection and delivery of multimedia streams to rendering processes such as windows and devices.  These mechanisms are called adapters.  The adapters can be complex transformations to make the media usable by the rendering device.