October 2005


This blog is an annotated bibliography of information related to the design of computer systems that support the creative process of making live performances. The key concepts here are that it is information that supports a theory about how a computer system can be designed that makes creating interactive performance easier. This can be thought of as an authoring system for live performance.

Much work has been done both in industry and academia around the creation and control of media for and in live performance. Yet, in the area of interactive media in performance there is very little. Ideas around authoring in interactive media tend to be thought of in the context of website design, games, or CD/DVD experiences.

What is missing is a theory about how to create a computer system that supports the authoring of live performances for interactive media.

"EyesWeb - Toward Gesture and Affect Recognition in Dance/Music Interactive Systems"

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google scholar search:"Augmented Reality DART toolkit rapid".
Paper on an authoring system for augmented reality.

"Interval scripts: a programming paradigm for interactive environments and agents"

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ISSN:1617-4909 (Paper) 1617-4917 (Online).

"Software Support for Interactive Multimedia


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"Medialon Manager Show & Media Control Software V2 User's Guide"

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"Creating Collaboratively with Technology: The Ideas and Process of Gilgamesh, a Multimedia Concerto"

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Google Search:Creating Collaboratively Technology Live Performance.

"A distributed control system and scripting language for "interactivity" in live performance"

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